Achieving world class customer service and back office efficiency through user orientated mobile technology

That you need to equip your workforce with the latest mobile tools so that they can have to-the-minute information at their fingertips when working out in the field is a point that is no longer debated. Everyone knows that the future is mobile.

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But now the business issues have got more interesting. Having accepted that you need a mobile solution, the question is rather how to ensure that this will deliver your overall service strategy. You want your customers to have a seamless experience, from their first point of contact with the company until the job is complete. At the same time, since recessionary pressures aren’t going away any time soon, you are focused on making sure that the work is completed in the most efficient manner, saving your hard pressed resources, by linking up easily with your back office and reducing field worker transit times.

Holistic experience

With an eleven year track record in bringing together the leaders of field and mobile teams, technology directors and those players at the forefront of the technological mobile revolution, FSMW 2013 will now place its focus firmly on holistic service management, showing you how mobile solutions have supported and delivered overall customer service visions in key industry sectors.

Household names

This year the programme includes a number of household names from the retail, logistics, construction, utilities and public sectors including Tesco Maintenance, May Gurney, Crossrail, South East Water and Alliander (the Netherlands). Speakers with experience of managing remote teams that are working under constant customer service pressure will share their stories and insights to demonstrate how they started with clear, strategic efficiency goals which were brought into effect by implementing the right technology.

Device comparison

With “bring your own device” now a growing trend, the previous comparison of mobile devices that was so fundamental to earlier buying decisions has become less important. Now what matters is having a service solution or an integrated platform that can be used across various different formats, mobile or otherwise, to suit user preferences.

Change management

While user orientation is a strategy that is gaining pace, managing change and encouraging user adoption of new technology in a typically older workforce, with longstanding employees, is an issue that still dogs many of the traditional service industries. Change management will be a strong theme throughout FSMW 2013, when our speakers will look at how different companies are taking advantage of different ages and skills in their workforce and also seeking out the next generation of field service workers. One sector that has had to change a lot in recent years is the government sector and at this year’s event a Director of the UK’s former central government mobility project, Project Nomad, will share experiences from a decade of near-constant change in terms of mobility adoption.

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Once peripheral to this subject area, data quality has now moved in to the mainstream as a key aspect in delivering first-class customer service and efficiency. You can’t serve your customers well if your engineers have incorrect information in the field and going back to the office to pick up the correct data will only cost you time and money. At FSMW 2013, for the first time in the event’s history, we will feature a dedicated session on data quality to equip you with the knowledge you need to resolve this challenging problem when you return to the office.

Supplier experience

Last, but by no means least, our ever popular Supplier Panel is back by popular demand. Where else do you have the opportunity to quiz key players in the mobile technology industry on what they anticipate will happen next? Find out the latest news on forthcoming enterprise and mobility solutions; hear how industry suppliers have worked together with service companies to overcome real-world obstacles to implementation and remember to come prepared with your questions relating to the future of mobile working to ensure that you get the most out of this session.

Save time and money

Understandably, as a manager of a field or mobile project or team, and with constant pressure on daily resources, your time is precious right now, but by attending FSMW 2013 for two days, you will save yourself months of work by making sure you have clear strategic goals and the right technology to achieve them from the outset. Indeed, one of our past attendees rethought their whole strategic approach, purely because of insight gained from one of our speakers at a previous event. By choosing the right technology partners to align with your strategic goals and getting upfront advice from our speakers on the common pitfalls before you begin, you can avoid wasting a single second of your time.


Providing you meet our qualification criteria and have projects that you can discuss with our participating solution providers onsite, attendance is free of charge. To start an application for a delegate place, or if you would like to make other arrangements for your attendance, want to attend with another colleague(s) or have questions, please contact a member of our team on +44 (0)20 7324 2365 or e-mail

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